Sheltie Agility

League 2017



Magic Dream Charmer at Magilitas and Melanie Wright

Marricksham High Flyer over Kiddshill and Karen Hallam

Meadow Grass Dancer and Rebecca Harris

Meadowside Flash Harry and Carol Hipson

Mistmere Out of the Blue and Karen James

Pascala Shining Star over Kiddshill and Karen Hallam

Peartbrook Out of the Blue and Pat Wallis

Peartbrook Party Girl and Gillian Eales

Penvean Golden Promise At Santhia and Becca Adams

Ramavale Twist at Sunset and Rowena Steady

Reubicia Wild Chestnut and Lyn Pearson

Rivvalee Dark Knight and Julia Carr

Samajans Elizabeth and Aston Hardwick

Sandwick Menage a Trois and Janet Menage

Sanscott Midnight Mist and Elizabeth Graham

Sanscott Royal Vision and Blyth Fox

Sanscott Ski Blue and Jenni Hilliard

Santhia Diamonds And Rust and Becca Adams

Saunderswood Fire Fly of Craygill and Jean Tuck

Seavale Tri The Piper and Lorraine Bedford

Seavall Tartan and Anne Smith

Seavall Ted and Lorna Glencross

Shaelith Autumn Sun and Rowena Steady

Shannmie Ebony Diamond and Rosie Pearson

Sheldonora Dawn of Tomorrow and Michelle Gladding

Shelridge Special Diamond and Janette Mitchell

Shelridge The Magician and Sophie Jackson

Sheltysham Medley of Gold and Vanessa Hardin

Sheltysham Miss Mayhem and Vanessa Hardin

Tooralie's Just the Tonic and Rowena Steady

Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill and Jean Tuck

Upandover Under Pressure and Jacqui Wood

Wallastowns Abi's Jubilee and Rosie Pearson

Watchwood Gift Wrapped for Rainway and Lorraine Bedford

Whiterock's Chancer at Fetherland and Peter Gibbons

Wavesong Jumping Jac Flash and Zoe Fillery-Hammond